Sunday, 30 October 2011


October is coming to an end. When I think of October I think of my birthday and autumn. That's a nice combination, isn't it?
We had a lot of clear autumn days: cold weather but bright blue skies and a shining sun. I like to stare at the garden, looking at all those beautiful, lively autumn colors.
And what about my outfits? 3 keywords: layered clothing, comfortable and warm!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Trance music makes the fairies dance

The title of this post comes from lyrics of a Cocorosie song that is so good. I'm currently working on a post with a playlist including that song.

sweater quand on parle du loup, skirt zara, shoes stradivarius, bag my grandmother's
One day I asked my grandmother if she had bags she didn't use anymore. Answer positive! The funny thing was: she kept asking, do you really like this? You don't have to say you like it! And I was like.. no way, these are all amazing! She probably thought they were really old-fashioned. However, I was happy and in the end I went home with lots of new old small cross body bags!
You should try it too.
I love the beautiful Autumn's golden light

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

night reflections

coat/zara, sweater/primark, scarf/H&M, trousers/urban outfitters, shoes stradivarius �
It suddenly got very cold, so I started wearing my winter coats, fluffy sweaters and warm scarfs. Oh and I just realized I bought all the clothes on holiday: my sweater and trousers are from London, my coat from Rotterdam, the scarf was a birthday gift from my sister and I bought the shoes in Italy this summer. So they all have a special memory, how cool is that? And not to confuse you but I didn't take the pictures at night, it was like 4 PM. What a strange world we live in.

Friday, 14 October 2011

6 PM

This week I went to the hairdresser (the day after I took these pictures), I listened a lot to Cocorosie (pure awesomeness), made plans to go to Israel for a wedding during Christmas holidays (it looks such a fascinating and pretty country), I got happy looking at the amazing blog Color Me Katie (it's unbelievable how one person can be that creative and inspiring) and last but not least I found a little job (I teach a little boy how to play the piano twice a week). On the contrary, things that I need to do this week: go to the new Urban Outfitters store in Brussels (so excited) and buy tickets for the Bombay Bicycle Club concert in November (even more excited). Have a nice week-end everyone!
I'm wearing a sheer shirt from H&M, a skirt from zara, over the knee socks from hema
and a scarf, used as a poncho.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

My last summer outfit for 2011!

jumpsuit from primark, sunglasses from H&M
It is so strange how the weather suddenly changes from a hot summer day to a cold and rainy autumn day, because that's what happened this week. The last summer days are official over now, however I don't mind because I actually prefer dressing with layers. Okay, I'm saying this know, but during winter time I will definitely crave for some sunshine and summer clothes.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Today is my birthday and I turned 17! This day was filled with eating cake, and.. more cake! Besides that it was quite a normal school day, but I will celebrate it better during the week-end.

pictures taken by laura in italy this summer

Saturday, 1 October 2011


Hey, do you remember I make "monthly photo medley" posts? It's a post at the end of the month with outtakes/pictures I didn't have a chance to use/a summery of that month. I didn't do it during summer, because everything was a bit messed up with my travel diaries, but now I'm doing it again!

For me, a high school student, September means: back to school, back to reality, routine and homework. However it also means: a new start, new opportunities, new people and new activities, like being the editor-in-chief for my high school newspaper, participate in the school play etc.. Although I try to enjoy my last high school year to the fullest, I think and dream a lot about college and what life has to offer next.
Something special this month was that my family has been the host family for jazz musicians during 2 weeks, fun!
Favorite activity after school? To take pictures with Laura in Brussels!
You probably remember Kukie..
My room. It has changed a lot since my last room tour, maybe I can do another one soon.
wearing UO jeans, brandy melville top, shirt monki