Thursday, 27 September 2012

STREETSTYLE video: Osaka

Finally a new instantflowers DOCU video. It's a streetstyle video, made in Osaka, Japan.
I loved doing it. The people were so friendly and well dressed! I like how even during hot summer days not everyone is wearing high waisted shorts and cropped tops. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

the first english rain

You are looking at: the notice board in my dorm, installations we made in the art studios for a project called 'clusterlation': we had to look for different materials and objects during the summer and now we have to build installations with them, for drawing week we had to draw the installations and we had to hang our new drawings along the hallway, you see a cake and candles because we celebrated the birthday of one of my flatmates, and I saw the biggest rainbow ever when I returned from school.

Monday, 24 September 2012

a day trip to london

pictures taken in camden town, covent garden and hyde park

One of the most awesome things about living in the UK? Being only a train ride away from London. I was so excited to spend my Saturday in London, and I am definitely going back very soon!

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

JAPAN reminiscences part 2

This is my first post from my dorm in England. Everything is so new and hectic and that's why I am a bit late in updating and showing more pictures of a-we-s-o-m-e Japan! So... where was I? Oh wait, did I already show you the view from the hotel room in Okinawa?

Best place to wake up... ever!
Naha, capital city of Okinawa.

During the Japan trip I took so many pictures of strangers. I loved observing the people because they are so different than European people. Sometimes I asked if I could take a picture. The usual answer I got was like 'oh but I didn't do my hair...' So I prefered hiding my camera and snap sneaky pictures.

Joined an English after school class because a friend of my mom was the teacher. I loved it so much, the kids were so cute and shy as all Japanese are. And now I totally understand why almost nobody speaks English fluently. A new idea popped up in my head: I'd love to live in Japan for one year and earn some money in the meantime by teaching English classes.

Friday, 14 September 2012

JAPAN reminiscences part 1

I just tried the hair treatment oil I bought in Japan, it's so good because I smell Japan in it. That sounds dumb, I know, but it is true. The smell immediately arouses nostalgia. So yes, I am back in Belgium, but I was so sad to leave Japan. I already miss these crazy Japanese people. Now all that's left is a mishmash of thousands of pictures and videos.

First some background information if you would like to know. Why Japan? Very simple. My mum is a Japanese teacher at university in Belgium. Because of that she has been to Japan several times and has many Japanese friends. Sometimes these friends stay at our house and that's how I got quite used to their culture and language. Although I am not able to speak Japanese, the language sounds so familiar to me.

This was my second time, but actually my first time experiencing it intensively, because last time I was only eleven. I went with my mum and sister. We flew into Osaka, so we stayed there some days at the beginning of the trip and at the end. Because of that it felt like we came back home at the end of the trip. If only it was true.

According to wikipedia Osaka is the third largest city of Japan. As a true lover of big cities I loved Osaka so much. The energetic vibe of the city and oh god the fact that there are people everywhere, that it is so busy and noisy, the feeling of getting lost in the crowd, I love that. Especially during rush hours it's crazy. Tons of people in the underground, rushing from one place to another.

The first day was completely dominated by jet lag. We couldn't do much more than going to the super market, being overwhelmed by all these incredibly cool Japanese products, eating, sleeping.

On the second day we explored the beautiful city. On the third day we already had to go back to the airport, luckily not to fly back home, but to take a domestic flight to Okinawa, a small exotic Japanese island.

On the first night in Okinawa we ate typical Okinawan food. Pigs ears for example... anyone?

There was such a nice atmosphere in the restaurant because there was this small 'performance' with music and dancing.

breathtaking view from the hotel room

Sunday, 9 September 2012

japan intermezzo

1/amazing sunsets/nights here
2/most beautiful cemetery I have ever seen (Koyasan)
3/watching Japanese television
4/one of the last stops: Kyoto

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Japan first update

After being in busy Osaka city for a couple of days, I am now on the beautiful Japanese island called Okinawa. I am surrounded by wonderful people, delicious food, surrealistic landscapes/situations and (especially) by the sun. Here are just some (stupid) sneak peek pictures. Sorting out all of my pictures is something I will do back home. Sending you all a sunny hug  from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Beautiful clouds around the plane

Feeling the warm ocean water for the first time. 

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