Tuesday, 31 January 2012

what's in my schoolbag?

school diary, wallet, cellphone, headphones + ipod, lip balm (x2), glasses, pencil case
Many have asked me to do a "what's-in-your-bag-post". Well, now you can see there is nothing interesting to see in my (school) bag. Ok. Bye!

Saturday, 28 January 2012


1. Got this backpack as a late New Year's present from my godmother. I love it.
2. Received fake tattoos from (yes..) Fake Tattoos. It is so cool! But more about it later.
3. Finally found a Nirvana tee. It is from Urban Outfitters (found it in sale)
4. Got a haircut.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Orange and cateye

skirt pull & bear - scarf + shirt H&M - fake fur head band - glasses c/o proopticals
1) I am wearing a new skirt that I bought during the sales.
Lately I find it so hard to find skirts. Where are all the beautiful ones?
2) I need to go to the hair dresser asap. Just saying.
3) I got these cat-eye glasses from Proopticals. I like them!
4) I am probably going to watch the movie A Dangerous Method in the movies on Sunday.
Anyone has seen it already?

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Israel photo diary IIII

This is already my last photo diary of Israel. This time: pictures of my experience at the Dead Sea, you know: the sea where you can float on your back and also, incidentally, the lowest point on Earth, the sea is 420m below sea level!
Not only the experience of floating was awesome (and totally new),
the way to the sea was also very lovely!
passing a checkpoint

floating on my back while enjoying the sun, looking at the mountains, watching the clouds moving, yes, I can say it was a pretty magical feeling..
Voil�, hope you enjoyed my travel photo diaries. It is not completely over though, I am also going to make a video of my trip, I just need to find some time. See ya!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Israel photo diary III

Shalom, erev tov! Ma shelomkha? After staying some days in Tel Aviv, we rented a car and drove from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, where we stayed for one night. What a special and beautiful city.
We went to the Old City. It is only accessible by walking because of the many small alleys and tiny streets. A special thing about the Old City is the fact that it is divided into different quarters, so you walk in a Jewish quarter and everything is written in Hebrew, but suddenly you see Arabic written signs and you realize you got into the Muslim quarter.

In the tiny streets there is an open-air market filled with food, souvenirs, jewelry etc, fun to look around!
wandering through the labyrinthine paths / my sister
The next day, before heading to the Dead Sea, we climbed on top of the ramparts so we could have a view of the city. It is quite spectacular!

Next and last part: The Dead Sea!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Israel photo diary II

In this post less talk, more photos ;-)
One day my dad and me went to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. A new wing was recently inaugurated and wow... it is amazing! The sharp angles and points, the corners.. it is all quite impressive. You should really go see it! The exhibitions were also very nice, it is definitely one of my favorite art museums in the world.

This picture was taken on the way to Jerusalem. Next time: a bunch of pictures of this beautiful city!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Israel photo diary I

Shalom! Yesterday I came back from a six-day trip to Israel. What a wonderful and fascinating place and what an amazing trip I had there! The main purpose of the trip was a wedding of a friend. That was a great opportunity to visit Israel and to discover the country. I am going to make 4 photo diary posts about this trip. I am starting with Tel Aviv, then Jerusalem and I am ending with The Death Sea. Enjoy!
My days in Tel Aviv looked like this: waking up, opening the curtains and the window, feeling the sun shine on my face, thinking of what a great place I was stranded, looking for a place on the beach to eat breakfast, strolling through the city, going inside nice boutiques, enjoying discovering a new city, walking barefoot on the beach and thinking something like 'life is awesome', looking at the many Bauhaus buildings, eating delicious food and documenting all these new experiences on camera.
What about the weather? The weather in Israel is good almost all year round, even in the winter months! 3 days out of six I didn't have to wear tights. The other days were sunny, but there was a lot of wind so it was a bit colder.
My cousins, incidentally the coolest persons on the planet, were also in Tel Aviv for 3 days! We celebrated NYE together.
all pictures are taken by me, besides the pictures of me, they are taken by my family
Next up: Tel Aviv part II !