Wednesday, 31 August 2011

only sweet memories now

Tomorrow is my first school day! Can't believe summer break is over, summer went by way too fast. But I think this year will be alright because I am a senior now. Yes yes, it's my last year in high school, crazy!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sweden photo diary III

It kind of makes me sad to make this last Sweden photo diary, because that means it will be a finished chapter. And I don't want it to be.

(UO shorts, t-shirt H&M)

So what did we do the other days? We climbed a mountain to have a view over the town.
And they told us that we could see Finland from that place, but I am not really sure about that.
pretty Natai wearing my think twice sweater
Besides that we went into town a few times, shopped, walked, chilled and just enjoyed the beautiful environment of Sweden.

top from Brandy Melville and skirt from Lush

I bought both items in New York this summer! I discovered the awesome store Brandy Melville.. so many nice clothes with lovely details and fabrics! And the skirt.. well yeah.. you probably didn't expect me to wear a pleated midi-maxi-somethinginbetween-ish skirt! Well, I saw it everywhere in New York and I just couldn't resist it. So one day I was shopping on Broadway and I saw this skirt. I loved the colour and my sister was like, just try it on! In the fitting rooms a random girl said: that looks nice! I was convinced and I bought it ;-)
The sunset and view from the place where we stayed. I could look for hours to the sky.
I really want to do a road trip in Sweden one day. I love all that nature and space and those beautiful, peaceful landscapes. And I'd love to see the country in wintertime as well, even if I already know that I will freeze my butt off.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Sweden photo diary II

Hejhej! God kv�ll! Hur m�r du? Yes, you read it right, I've just spoken a little Swedish (you know, to come in the right mood for this photo diary). So I told (or more showed) you that I went to Stockholm, but we didn't only stay there. After a couple of days we took a four-hour-train ride to a town higher north called H�rn�sand. I am glad I didn't only go to the capital city, nope I was excited to see more of this fascinating country. Sweden's total area is 450 295 square kilometers, but it has a small population, so the country is dominated by nature, which makes the country so beautiful.
One day we took a bus to the beach. We thought it would be quite busy because it was summer holidays but when we arrived, we could barely see anyone. Luckily for me, I love deserted beaches!
taken during the bus ride

In the afternoon we went to see the High Coast Bridge, a beautiful and long suspension bridge. It was very impressive to see!
(on times like these I don't like having a 35mm lens!)
Natai looking at the breathtaking sight
Changed my F21 shorts in H&M trousers because it got a bit colder in the afternoon.
See you soon for the last photo diary of Sweden!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

H�rn�sand, Sweden

Wearing a new shirt from monki (bought in Stockholm), F21 shorts, Primark bag and Converse.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sweden photo diary I (stockholm)

The USA chapter is not finished yet, no no, the best is yet to come (new yooork)! But first I'm switching to something totally different: Sweden! I came back from the USA on a Wednesday morning and I took the plane to Sweden the next morning. After only two hours on the plane I arrived in Stockholm. No time for having a jet lag or being tired, my friend Natai kept me awake! We spent three days in beautiful Stockholm. I visited the city like I always like to visit new cities: a lot of walking around, shopping, exploring, getting lost, asking strangers for directions (while having difficulties to pronounce the swedish names.. "excuse me, can you tell us where we can find the shopping street Drotnsgat?" - "what? oh you mean Drott-ning-gatan!" (always))
wearing F21 jumpsuit, primark sandals+bag

A walk in Gamla Stan (Swedish for "Old Town"), the old city center of Stockholm. This neighborhood reminded me of Italy with all those colorful buildings and cozy alleys.
One day we made a boat trip in the Stockholm archipelago.
We made a stop on Sandhamm (Swedish for "Sand Harbour"). It's a small and very pretty island.
The way to the beach!
Aaand arrived!
Yes, my days in Stockholm were filled very well!